Call for comments on changes to Blue House and Haddricks Mill roundabouts

Newcastle City Council are inviting comments on plans to alter key junctions in the North of Newcastle, at the Blue House and Haddricks Mill roundabouts and on the linking section of Jesmond Dene Road between the two.

The Blue House roundabout connects to major routes in every direction, including to Gosforth, the Freeman Hospital and the city centre. The current junction layout is a hotspot for road traffic collisions and for injuries to cyclists.

The proposals at this site are for a much bigger roundabout than the current layout, with traffic light controlled sections and additional crossing routes for pedestrians and cyclists. The plans would move the roundabout north and infringe on Dukes Moor and Little Moor.

The Haddricks Mill double roundabout connects five major routes, including access routes to the Freeman Hospital and HMRC. The current double junction layout is another hotspot for road traffic collisions and is the worst in the Newcastle City area for injuries to people on bikes.

The proposals for the site are for a much bigger roundabout replacing the eastern roundabout at the junction of Freeman Road, Killingworth Road and Benton Park Road, with the roundabout at Hunter’s Road and Haddricks Mill Road replaced by traffic lights. This will allow greater control of the traffic flows onto the roundabout, and provide safer facilities for cyclists.

More details on this initial call for comments, including full plans for the roundabouts, are available here.

The deadline for comments is Sunday 21st August, with a review of comments and feedback on any changes to designs to follow. A formal consultation will also follow before a final decision is taken.

The Chamber would welcome any feedback from our members on these proposals. If you have any comments, please get in touch by emailing