Chamber campaign to help young people develop work skills

In support of our 2017 Manifesto commitment to help build a Working North East, we are leading a campaign with Chamber Partner member Esh Group to increase business engagement with education. Esh Group manage, co-ordinate and deliver Building My Skills – a free, yearlong employability programme – which provides students in years 9 and above with a rounded introduction to the world of work, imparting transferable skills through timetabled business engagement sessions.

Building My Skills is delivered throughout Scotland, Yorkshire, the North East and North West, and won Business in the Community’s National Big Tick for School Partnership in July 2015.

All students that take part in the programme receive 5 guidance sessions delivered by a different business guest who provides insight into their world of work, valuable employability skills, their career path and supports the completion of checkpoints – components of their ‘employability portfolio’. Students who complete all checkpoints are offered a mock interview, and in previous years students that have taken part have been offered work experience, apprenticeships and opportunities for employment.

In 2016/17, over 40 Chamber members have delivered almost 25,000 hours of activity to over 5,000 students in North East schools. In 2017/18, we aim to increase the number of learner hours committed by Chamber members to 30,000 – and to achieve this we need your help.

If you want to find out more about the campaign and how you can get involved, please contact