NECC Members’ views on the EU Referendum

Over the past several months, NECC undertook three surveys to find out what our membership thought of the EU Referendum debate. On average, just over 60% of NECC respondents indicated a desire to remain in the European Union, with a little over 30% indicating a desire to leave.

NECC Survey Remain Leave
Survey (2015) 60.8% 29.9%
Survey (January 2016) 63% 29.3%
Survey (April 2016) 57.3% 31.1%
Total Average 60.4% 30.1%

Another question that we asked was how committed they were to their current viewpoint on whether to Remain or Leave.

  1. You said you would vote for the UK to [remain a member/leave the EU], how committed are you in this view?
Survey date Completely Committed Quite Committed Somewhat Committed Uncommitted
Sep 2015 40% 43% 17% 0%
Jan 2016 49% 26% 25% 0%
April 2016 52% 39% 9% 0%

There has been a trend throughout the three surveys that businesses have become more and more completely committed to their existing view on whether to vote to remain or leave.

In contrast, those that stated they were quite or somewhat committed fluctuated quite a bit, with an inconsistent response in each survey, which could suggest that those that aren’t completely committed to their view have changed their mind over the course of the past few months. But by the last survey well over half of respondents said they were completely committed to their viewpoint, suggesting that businesses are cementing their views as the referendum draws closer.

From investment to trade to recruitment, the outcome of the referendum will have an effect on businesses at all levels.  Therefore, we have produced an EU Referendum briefing which gives NECC members an insight into what we think are the key areas surrounding the debate. This includes an insight into member views and factual information around International Trade, EU Funding and Immigration in the North East.

You can download the briefing here –

Whether you want to remain or leave the EU, there are many arguments on both sides of the spectrum. If you want to get involved on either side of the debate, we would encourage you to get into contact so that we can link you to the appropriate campaign.

Please get in touch with myself, Ben Powick, Policy Advisor at if you have any questions about these results or the EU debate generally.