New fund to tackle NEET numbers

A further part of the Youth Contract was launched today which aims to support 16-17 year olds who are not in education, employment or training (NEET).  The programme will be focussed on results and aims to support at least 55,000 NEETs who are at highest risk of disengagement.

Payments will be given in three stages with the final payment given when engagement has been sustained for six months.  Up to £2,200 is available for each young person to provide tailored support including basic skills training and interview skills.

Funding is available to organisations with a proven track record of supporting young people into employment, apprenticeships or training.  Newcastle-Gateshead will receive autonomy over allocating its funding pot as part of the City Deals package announced last year.

As the North East accounts for over 6% of the 16-17 year old NEETs across England,  these moves are welcomed to ensure that young people who are furthest from the labour market are receiving the support they need to become work ready.  However, greater incentives are needed.  National Insurance contributions for young people should be cut to encourage businesses to take on more young people. 

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